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Mesh Specifications

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322 cells are uniquely identified by an alphanumeric code. At light microscope level, this code can be referenced from the letters and numbers on the rim of the grid, representing rows and columns respectively. At the electron microscope level, the row letter is indicated by a symbol to the bottom left of the cell. The column number is indicated by a binary coding attached to the baseline of the cell.

Mesh (lines/inch) 200
Pitch (um) 125
Bar Width (um) 10-20
Hole Width (um) 115-105
Rim Specifications
Rim width (mm) N/A
Centre Mark N/A
Rim Mark No
Gold per Vial 25
Other per Vial 25
2.3mm No
Price Cu £19.10
Price Ni £30.24
Price Au £59.64
Price Mo N/A


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