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Grid Boxes

Our grid boxes are intended for use in both routine grid handling and for long term grid storage.
Their ease of use makes them ideal for grid handling and viewing; their high packing density and compact flat shape make them well suited to the long term storage of catalogued specimens.

SB25 (NEW)
The SB25 grid storage box is a small capacity grid storage box, designed as a low cost alternative to larger grid boxes where the extra storage capacity is not required. The box has a sliding cover, and two side features for ease of handling as well as a matt strip for extra notation. Each diamond shaped hole is capable of storing a 3.05mm or 2.3mm diameter grid, and stroage referencing is managed via recessed alpha numerix indexing on the sides of the box.

The SB50 grid storage box is designed for the routine handling and long term storage of 50 standard size TEM grids. This new ergonomic design incorporates several features that overcome the disadvantages associated with storage boxes of the more conventional ‘sliding cover’ design. The SB50BN has a unique number on the face and one end.



The box holds 100 grids. Each of the diamond shaped ‘pockets’ will accept either a 2.3 of 3.05mm grid. Once stored the grid is relocated by its ‘map reference’. Each position has a blue printed letter and number. Blue is chosen for its visibility under normal ‘safelight’ conditions. The reference and a brief specimen description are entered on the grid record card for that box. The box and lid are precision injection molded from plastics chosen for their smooth sliding action. To further ease grid handling, the plastics are anti-static treated. A central access position in the lid reduces the number of grids exposed when selecting any particular grid. The SB100 grid storage box with an added feature : each box carries its own unique number printed on the face and one end. During use the face number can be easily seen eliminating the possibility of placing a specimen grid in the wrong box. The number on the end facilitates the retrieval of the grid box from storage. The SB100BN holds 100 3.05 or 2.3mm specimen support grids and is supplied with a record card that has the same alpha-numeric indexing for easy referencing.


Record Card
The folding card has a durable coated exterior and the interior is suitable for writing on with normal pen or pencil. Columns are marked for entering the grid box position reference and the appropriate specimen description. The record card is the same size as the grid box and is intended to be kept with it.

Grid Capacity Record Card Unique Box No.
SB100 100 No
SB100BN 100
SB50 50 No
SB50BN 50
SB25 25 No
SB25BN 25