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Mesh Specifications

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Each of the 60 square grids is identified using a base two binary numbering system. The six binary number symbols appear on the bottom grid bars along the horizontal axis. Zero is represented by a short pillar and one by a longer pillar. Below is an enlarged view of the grid, no.9 is represented by - a long pillar at the extreme right representing decimal 1 and a long pillar fourth from the right representing decimal 8.

Mesh (lines/inch) 100
Pitch (um) 250
Bar Width (um) 40
Hole Width (um) 210
Rim Specifications
Rim width (mm) N/A
Centre Mark None
Rim Mark Yes
Gold per Vial 50
Other per Vial 100
2.3mm No
Price Cu £35.50
Price Ni £54.15
Price Au £59.64
Price Mo N/A


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