SB25 Grid Box

SB25 - TEM Grid Storage Box

The SB25 is a small capacity grid storage box, designed as a low cost alterantive to larger grid boxes where extra storage capacity is not required.


The box has a sliding cover, allowing access to 5 slots at a time.


Each diamond shaped hole is capable of storing a 3.05mm or 2.3mm diameter grid. Storage referencing is mnaged via recessed alpha numerc indexing on the sides of the box.


The box contains two side features, allowing for easier handling during specimen removal, as well as a matt strip for extra notation.




Size:           Length 56mm x Width 36mm x Depth 6mm


Weight:     9 grams


Materials:  Cover - Clear Polycarbonate

                  Base - ABSPHAT

                  (AcrylonitrileButadieneStyrene) + Anti-static                                  additive




  • The SB25 is also availabel with a unique number printed in blue on the face, dode SB25BN; batches with sequential numbers are available. Both boxes come with a durable 25 column card for record keeping. 


Our grid boxes are intended for use in both routine grid handling and for long term grid storage. Their compact flat shape and low cost make them well suited for the transportation of coated grid products and the long term storage of catalogued specimens. 

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